A country town sidewalks

A country town sidewalks

Cities and towns of Ukraine have a rather wide sidewalks. It clearly seen in these photographs. Usually there is also a strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the roadway. So that people walking down the sidewalk feel quite comfortable and safe. Basically Ukrainians like to walk.


The Transfiguration Cathedral in Kirovograd

The Transfiguration Cathedral was built in style of classicism as the main Orthodox church in the city. There are beautiful sculptures of angels, a chapel with a bell and a large Easter egg in the courtyard of the cathedral. We did not take pictures inside the cathedral, but there is also very beautiful.


Spring flowers

Crocuses are the first flowers in my flower garden. Their appearance announced the beginning of spring. I have yellow and white with purple veins crocuses. I photographed them for you, dear guests. I wish you a warm spring!


Barsky House in Kirovograd, Ukraine

This building is a regional museum now. But originally it was a house of a merchant of the first guild Barsky. The building was built in Baroque style in 1885 by architect Alexander Lishnevsky.

Today the museum fund has more than 80 thousand exhibits, which are connected with history and nature of the region. Among them are paleontological collection; archaeological Trypillian, Cimmerian, Scythian cultures; collection of weapons, memorabilia and archives known countrymen, etc.


Monument to Ukrainian Guardian Angel in Kirovograd

This monument was created in 2000 to celebration of the 250th anniversary of the city of Kirovograd. The monument is a majestic and impressive sight. Perimeter of the base of the column is marked by the inscription which reads: "O God, bless Ukraine." The gorgeous granitic image of Angel, who holds out his hands over the expanses of Ukraine, attracts attention locals and visitors alike.
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